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Non-water Solubility

Protect Waterways

Hatuma DP is non-water soluble, so there's little chance of phosphate run-off. The goodness stays where it's needed.

For example, to remove 90% of the phosphate held in Hatuma DP requires 75 times more water than to remove the same proportion of phosphate from superphosphate [1].

Field research [2] has identified that, on average, the use of low water soluble calcium phosphate fertiliser decreased phosphate losses by an average of 47% over 3 years.

[1] Identical quantities of superphosphate and dicalcic (<0.5 mm) were mixed in duplicate with a quantity of sand in glass leaching tubes and leached slowly with deionised water (approximately 100 ml/day) over 5 days. P Carey, Land Research Services.

[2] “Potential water quality impact and agronomic effectiveness of different phosphorus fertilisers under grazed dairying in Southland” R. W. McDOWELL 1 and L. C.SMITH 2, AgResearch Invermay