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Hatuma - Down to Earth

Hatuma's Down to earth journey started millions of years ago and ends in a 21st century facing some of the biggest environmental challenges ever seen in that time.

This short film follows the people who are living and working in one of the oldest industries in New Zealand.

Hear the stories that have built a company's philosophy epitomising sustainable farming, the contributions from the people working the land for future generations, and the experts dedicated to preserving it this way.


Hatuma - down to earth from Catalyst Creative on Vimeo.

Dr. Morgan Williams spent 11 years as Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

He has degrees in biology and ecology, and a great interest in how people think about and relate to the natural world – particularly the roles political and economic influences play in the management of our natural capital. As the PCE he focused his team's work on environmental sustainability in urban, marine, energy, water, farming, economic and governance contexts, culminating in the ground breaking 'Growing for Good' Report.

How is farming going to move into the future? 

Dr Williams discusses the future and what we can learn about systems in nature.


Morgan Williams interview question 1 from Catalyst Creative on Vimeo.


Has there been a change in attitude already?

The 'leaders' are starting to see the future in a different light.



Morgan Williams interview question 2 from Catalyst Creative on Vimeo.


What are the challenges ahead?

There are going to be challenges, but with these come large opportunities.


Morgan Williams interview question 3 from Catalyst Creative on Vimeo.


What needs to start at a research level?

There will be a new focus on food production systems and soil and biological interactions.


Morgan Williams interview question 4 from Catalyst Creative on Vimeo.


What trends in farm management has affected this?

Successful systems are now becoming more resilient-focussed.


Morgan Williams interview question 5 from Catalyst Creative on Vimeo.


Is sustainability becoming a valid business objective?

Smart businesses are becoming much more holistic in their thinking.


Morgan Williams interview question 6 from Catalyst Creative on Vimeo.


What are some practical steps to achieving this?

There are two things to think about, but what are they?


Morgan Williams interview question 7 from Catalyst Creative on Vimeo.


What issue do we need to be aware of on a global scale?

We're heading for some real food crunches on a global scale, but what's underpinning them and how will they shape NZ?


Morgan Williams interview question 8 from Catalyst Creative on Vimeo.