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The Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate® Story



The late 1950s was an interesting time at Central Hawke's Bay's Hatuma Lime Company. The General Manager, Joe Topp, was facing a bleak future of providing agricultural lime to a deflated market thanks to the slashing of farmer subsidies for the product. Compounding this was Joe's concern for New Zealand's future as an efficient, clean and green leader on the world stage. He could see that an industry driven by the use of high analysis, water soluble fertilisers, without the benefit of limestone to balance them, would result in polluted water ways, nutrient saturated soils, and ultimately, high cost farming.

There was a reason why Joe was highly regarded as a pioneer in the agricultural industry, and his next approach was a prime example. He set out to pursue a solution that would give farmers everything they wanted in a topdressing product, but rather than give a quick one-off response, provide sustained benefits throughout the year, and not at the soil or environment's expense. That solution became known as Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate®.



The market response was instant. Local farmers who'd relied on lime and superphosphate mixes started advocating the better results they were obtaining, in a more cost effective package. Word spread far and beyond and soon thousands of tonnes of Hatuma DPwere being sent to farms as far away as Taranaki and Gisborne.

For over 50 years Hatuma DPhas achieved amazing results on different livestock farms in different climatic conditions. From hill country properties to low country pastures the results have impressed. Even with varying applications: from heavy to very light or from frequent applications to just once in a while. Hatuma DP has seen farmers through droughts, floods and hard economic times and all through this, farmers have achieved more than impressive results.



With a strong national network of like-minded lime quarries now manufacturing Hatuma DP under strict regulations and quality control, and with an exclusive supply and sales partnership with market leading Ballance Agri-Nutrients, farmers all over the country are able to enjoy the benefits of Hatuma DP for themselves.



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