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Helping to grow the minds of our future 

The Hatuma Growing Minds Fund 

Hatuma's Growing Minds Fund recognises rural primary schools as a national treasure and asks farmers to get behind the company's programme to provide country schools with extra resources. Customers are invited to nominate a rural school and in return the company donates 20c per tonne of their dicalcic phosphate order to that school.


Rural primary schools are the centre of our country communities. They provide a unique education for rural children where their classmates are often their siblings and they're learning with kids of all ages. With traditional funding for rural schools lessening, Hatuma feel rural businesses have a role to play to help our schools survive as they are the lifeblood of country communities and will only prosper with the support of their community.


Since the fund started in 2009, over $25,000 has been donated to rural schools.


Feedback from customers and schools has been very positive. Customers have loved the fact that they just continue to do what they would do anyway, nominate their local rural school and Hatuma would present the school with an annual cheque. Individual schools decide exactly how, and where, to spend the Growing Minds funds they receive.


Hatuma is a family business and our community is very important to us. We want to show our support for the next generation of rural New Zealanders. It costs our customers nothing, it's Hatuma's way of giving back.


How your school can become involved:

Simply encourage farmers in your area to nominate your school when they place their usual Hatuma DP order. If you'd like to place a notice in your school newsletter, contact us for a School pack – programme photo, and short description.

    Children standing on a stage dressed in costumes of produce, trees and animals


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