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Frequently Asked Questions About Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate®

What is Hatuma DP?

Developed in the early 1960s at Hatuma Lime Company Ltd in Central Hawke's Bay, Hatuma DP® is a specially manufactured fusion of limestone and mature superphosphate that has been left to cure, turn rock-hard, crushed, then screened. The end result is a completely new product that has a pH 6.5-7, is non water soluble, yet fully plant available. Thanks to these beneficial characteristics, farmers typically apply it at the same rate they would superphosphate making it an extremely cost-effective form of topdressing.

What are the benefits of Hatuma DP?

Many. For a general overview view the benefits of HDP >>

What is the on-farm experience of Hatuma DP?

With over 50 years of farmers applying Hatuma DP®, and many of the great grandchildren of original users still using it on the family farm, Hatuma DP® has well and truly stood the test of time. See our farmers' stories.

We know it is farmer proven, how has this been substantiated scientifically?

Since 2002 Hatuma DP has invested over a million dollars in on-farm research with Hatuma DP customers. Please refer to the Eariler Work section for an overview.

That early research evolved into the Farming for the Future Research Programme, focussing on finding ways to future-proof New Zealand's natural farming advantage. Since 2009 the Programme has been measuring the outcomes on 13 lower-input North Island hill country sheep/beef farms, most of whom have already been farming this idealism successfully for many years.

After five years of extensive independent monitoring preliminary results in the Farming for the Future Research Project suggest that, in comparison to Beef + Lamb monitor farms, sheep and beef farmers using Hatuma DP are applying half the amount of phosphate on their farms with no negative impact to their production.
View the full programme overview and results

What is the difference between Hatuma DP versus a lime/super mix or applying lime and super separately?

Fundamentally the products are different. This is not a case of apples with apples.

Lime and super are not compatible as a dry blend (that's why they go hard together), which is why Hatuma DP ensures the two products are completely fused together through a maturing process. The reasons for this are:

Is Hatuma DP the same as a 75/25 reverted super?

No. Unlike reverted super that is often only left for a short-as-possible period, Hatuma DP ensures the process is complete right through to the final week. While Hatuma DP builds ample maturity time in the production process to ensure that the phosphate is completely stable and there will be no harmful environmental residues from this, farmers can access the product immediately through Hatuma's extensive stock reserves.

Also note, 75/25 blend of super and lime will not result in the same neutral soil friendly pH of Hatuma DP.

What is the difference between Hatuma DP and other dicalcic phosphate products in the market?

With over 50 years of production and manufacture, we have pioneered and led the market for dicalcic phosphate in New Zealand. Other products have been developed around the benefits of our product, however, Hatuma DP's original and true formula still remains unique to the brand and the results achieved on-farm. Cutting corners at the expense of Hatuma DP's integrity is not an option.

Is Hatuma DP Organic?

The underlying philosophy of Hatuma DP is firmly based on organic principles, however Hatuma DP is not certified. Due to Hatuma DP's commitment to the environment and sustainable farming for over 50 years, farmers can get the best of both worlds, satisfying their organic principles at the same time as farming conventionally.

What does Hatuma's partnership network mean for me?

Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate Limited, an independent national network of lime quarries, is partnered with market-leading Ballance Agri-Nutrients to ensure a secure supply for Hatuma DP customers of superten to go into Hatuma DP manufacture, as well as durasul, potash and other important products. With over 100 Ballance representatives nationwide working with your local Hatuma® Field Representative, as well as a well serviced farm merchant channel, more support and technical advice is at hand when you need it.